CNC Film Gear DJI Ronin Arm 50mm Extensions – Review

If your into video production then you are well aware of all the hype around the DJI Ronin and other 3 axis camera stabilizers. I have been using the Ronin since it was first released and have been very happy with the performance and options. When using my Red Epic, I was limited to powering it from the side handle off of a single redvolt which gave me about 20 minutes of runtime – in other words I had just enough time to power up, adjust my settings and do maybe do one take.

Obviously, this was a huge problem for workflow and productivity, I was changing batteries every 20 minutes and constantly running back and forth from the chargers. I then set out to put together a realistic setup for extended runtimes for the Epic on the Ronin.

I decided to add extension arms to the Ronin so i could run a V-Mount Battery on the back of the Epic and keep the side handle on as well. There were other configurations i was considering like mounting an IDX Endura 7S to the side with the Freefly Carbon Side Mount Рbut when you take the camera off the Ronin the rig is awkward and will  require reconfiguration to go handheld, sticks, etc not to mention it replaces the side handle. I also considered running the battery on a mount either on a belt clip, backpack, or on the gimbal itself Рbut I really wanted to keep the rig built so it could go on and off the Ronin quickly as a single unit. Having the battery mount on the back allows me to power all accessories from d-tap and keep the camera built so i can quickly take it off the ronin and put it onto a fluid head, handheld etc and not have to touch it!

I installed the CNC Film Gear 50mm Extension Arms to allow for a longer camera build and i couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The installation was a breeze and took about 15 minutes. All you have to do is remove the existing arms and insert the extensions. It was obvious that DJI had planned for extensions being added as there was extra wiring to accommodate them.



I am very satisfied with the quality of CNC Film Gears products. The machining is spot on and they even took out the excess material to reduce weight!


The finish and the hardware are high quality and the overall look when installed is clean and looks factory equipped. It even fits in the case without any modification.


This item is very competitively priced so I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t go with these arms for your Ronin if you’re planning on buying some! After thoroughly testing the Ronin with the extensions installed I can say I have not noticed any change in performance or handling. The system works just as it did without the extensions installed.


If you’re interested in purchasing please visit CNC Film Gear.¬† Thanks for reading and please comment below if you have any questions



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